Rust n’ Rage is a melodic hard rock band from Pori, Finland. Original members Johnny (Guitar) and Jezzie (Drums) formed the group in 2009 and it went through multiple different line-ups. However, the band officially started in 2010 when Vince (Vocals) and Eddy (Bass) joined. At this point, Rust n’ Rage was still a 5-piece band, until Martti, who had been a second guitarist in the band ever since its formation, left the group. Having a lot of original material and few demos, it was time to start recording the debut album. “Showdown” was released in early 2013 through local Ektro Records and Karkia Mistika Records and received mostly good reviews around the world. The band played gigs around Finland and did a mini-tour abroad in 2014, including Sweden, Latvia and Estonia. In 2015 the band embarked on “Nothing to Lose”-tour with gigs around Finland and Latvia, concluding with eight gigs around UK.

The band once again found themselves with a lot of new material, so it was time to start recording the next album. The recording process was delayed several times and so the second album, “Tales from the Wasteland”, was released five years after their debut, in 2018. Compared to the debut album, the band had become considerably more professional both in songwriting and live performances. The album was distributed by australian Melodic Rock Records, but in the end it didn’t give the band the lift they we’re hoping for, despite good reviews.

In 2019 the band focused on writing new songs and played gigs only on occasion, releasing two singles “D.O.A.” and “Don’t Save My Soul”. In 2020 they met a new manager and a new producer who were thrilled about their new material. After recording four songs, things finally started rolling. Italian Frontiers Music offered the band a worldwide record deal at the end of 2020. They started to record their third album in early 2021 and “One for the Road” was finally released in March 2022. The album received a great and much anticipated reception with great reviews around the world. The singles ”Heartbreaker”, ”Prisoner” and ”The Future is for the Strong” were released from the album, which immediately received tens of thousands of views and streams. The band toured around Finland in the spring and summer under the banner of ”One for the Road”-tour playing to large audiences at clubs and festivals, which gained many new fans. In addition to playing gigs, Rust n’ Rage is now focusing on creating new material for the next album. Faith in making music and rock n’ roll was finally rewarded.

”Take a chance, roll the dice
Push through the storm
Keep your eye on the prize
The future is for the strong”

-Rust n’ Rage